Sport Admin Chapters 6-11

ethical reasoning
The process of making a correct and fair decision is called _____.
_____, like ethics, is concerned with values guiding behavior.
code of conduct
To help with ethical decision-making, an organization should write and consult a(n) _____.
The National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association
The American Camping Association
The U.S. Olympic Committee
Which of the following are examples of sport organizations with codes of conduct?
absolute, relative
Morality can be seen through either a(n) ________ view or a(n) ________ view.
meaningful and enforceable
To be effective, discipline must meet which of the following criteria?
When sport managers are faced with ethical dilemmas, their decisions are difficult to make.
Ethical decision making is done best with it is a “gut” feeling with no process.
Codes of conduct are only valuable within the sport industry in the United States.
Codes of ethics should be long and detailed.
What popular current sport originated from a game by the Native Americans?
Prepare for the rigors of modern life and democracy and to assimilate immigrants into American culture
The Progressive Movement promoted athletics as a tool to:
Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA)
Historically, the most prominent private (or nonschool) agency to promote youth athletics was:
Bus driving skills
Knowledge of injury and physical training
Equipment knowledge
Trainers and physical therapists are recommended to have which of the following skills?
creating a financial statement
Human resource management does not involve:
Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972
state or U.S. Constitution equal protection clauses
state equal rights amendments
Most sex discrimination challenges in high school athletics have been based on:
private basketball league
Which of the following youth programs would not have to be Title IX compliant?
High school sports were initially organized by the federal government.
The administration of school and youth sports is primarily a local affair, with most policy and procedural decisions made at the district, school, or youth league level.
When Little League Baseball was first founded, both only boys were allowed to compete.
A crew race between Harvard and Yale
The first intercollegiate athletic contest was:
Ivy League schools
The “power” schools during the initial collegiate athletic contests were the:
Intercollegiate Athletic Association of the United States
The NCAA was originally called:
Knight Commission
What Commission, formed in 1989, passed a number of recruiting, academic and financial practices reforms?
major, secondary
A ____ violation provides a school with an extensive recruiting or competitive advantage; a _______ violation provides a minimal recruiting or competitive advantage and may be inadvertent or isolated in nature.
an ability to wear many hats as they may be asked to teach or perform other administrative duties in addition to coaching
Which best describes the coaching or athletic director profession at the Division III level?
Compliance Director
The _________ oversees adherence to NCAA and conference rules and regulations
Which percentage accurately portrays the representation of African Americans working as athletic directors and head coaches?
The first intercollegiate athletic contest involved sponsorship by a railroad company looking to enhance its business.
No Women’s basketball coach has earned $1 million for coaching.
Govern activities of the United States related to the Olympics, Paralympics, and the Pan Am Games.
Represent the U.S. Olympic athletes, coaches, administrators and other Americans who support the Olympic Movement.
Send the U.S. Olympic teams to the Olympics, Paralympics, and the Pan Am Games.
The USOC is the organization mandated by Congress under the Amateur Sports Act of 1978 to do which of the following:
planning, implementing, and staging the Olympic Games in a host city.
The Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (OCOG) is responsible for:
French, English, German, Arabic, Spanish, and Russian
IOC members must speak one of the six languages spoken at IOC sessions. What are they?
broadcasting and corporate sponsorship programs
Olympic Games rely heavily on revenues from:
Los Angeles in 1984
What Summer Olympic Games marked the turning point for commercial involvement with the Olympic Games?
United States:World::Soccer:______
imperialistic efforts, as a mean’s of imposing the conqueror’s culture on the colonized land.
Sport first spread across international borders through:
“swifter, higher, stronger”
The Olympic motto “Citius, Altius, Fortius,” translates to:
The International Olympic Committee is a corporation based in London.
“Americanization” and “Globalization” are interchangeable.
Players have unique talents and cannot be replaced with temporary replacement workers
Strikes are much more disruptive in pro sports than in mainstream business because:
The degree of league revenue sharing and the stability of a league’s labor situation.
The two most important factors in determining a sports franchise’s value are:
The Green Bay Packers
What is the only publicly owned NFL team?
Major League Baseball
Kennesaw Mountain Landis was the first commissioner of a major professional sport league. For what league was he commissioner?
Ownership of more than one sport franchise is called:
franchise rights
Owners are granted what type of rights upon buying a team?
Leagues derive the bulk of their revenues from sponsorships
The PGA Tour drug testing program is currently in accordance with WADA policies.
The WNBA league and teams are primarily male operated organizations.
The earliest golf tournaments raised money for the Red Cross during World War I.
C.C. Pyle
Who is often called the first sports agent?
Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale
The two players who staged a joint holdout for a higher salary were?
Mark McCormack
One of the first agents to represent individual athletes and a pioneer of the sport marketing industry is:
Negotiating the collective bargaining contract for the player or coach
Which of the following does not describe the functions performed by a sport agent?
Tank Black
What football agent was sentenced to five years in prison for swindling NFL players he represented?
What is the name of the federal law signed by President George W. Bush regulating the conduct of sport agents?
The oldest and most established sport agency is SFX sports group?
The sports agent should not be concerned with marketing his or her client.
A sport agent does not need to be a lawyer.
Athletes have always had agents.
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