2, 45
The game consists of ____ ____ periods.

After a half, on a free kick, at the discretion of the ref (injuries)
Clock stops when?

Match is played with how many players on each team?

tries to score,
In a soccer game, each team defends a goal and _____ in opponent’s goal.

coin toss
What determines which team kicks off to start the game?

Another player must touch the ball.
After kicker touches the ball during a kickoff, what must happen before he/she can play the ball again?

Place kick at the center spot of the field.
What do you start the game with?

After a goal has been scored, at the beginning of the second half.
When do you use a place kick?

A goal cannot be scored directly from a kickoff. (True or False)

when it completely crosses a touchline or goal line
When is ball out of bounds?

when it rebounds from a goalpost, when it rebounds off the referee or linemen as long as they are in the field
In what instances in a soccer game is the ball in play?

When ball travels out of play, it is returned into play by a ________.

must be outside the playing field, must have both feet in contact with the ground, must throw ball over the head with both hands.
During a throw-in, what are the requirements for the thrower?

attacking team, no
When ______ passes the ball over the goal line and out of bounds, it is returned into play with a goal kick. Can you score off this kick?

defending team, yes
When ______ passes the ball over the goal line and out of bounds, it is returned into play with a corner kick. Can you score off this kick?

Defenders must be at least ____ yards from the ball until it is played (after a corner kick).

protect the goal, may use hands within the penalty area
What do goalkeepers do, and what are they allowed to do?

field positions may ____ use hands.

fullbacks (defenders)
Most teams use 3-4 ______

halfbacks (midfielders)
Most teams use 4-5 ________

forwards (strikers)
Most teams use 2-3 ________

center, goal, line
Goal is at the end of the field on _____ of the ___ ___.

a box drawn 18 yards
Penalty area is _______ in front of the goalposts.

penalty spot
Inside the penalty area, 12 yards from center of goal line is ___________.

penalty spot
Where are penalty kicks taken?

major foul
Committing a ________ _____ results in a direct free kick.

Kicking an opponent, tripping an opponent, jumping at an opponent, charging dangerously, charging from behind, striking an opponent, holding, pushing, carrying the ball with hand or arm.
Name major fouls:

Can direct free kicks score points?

During a direct free kick, how many yards away do defenders have to be?

minor foul
Committing a ________ _____ results in an indirect free kick.

Charging a player with shoulder when ball is not in their playing position, charging the goalkeeper except when she has the ball or is out of her goal area, goalkeeper has the ball for more than 6 seconds.
Name minor fouls:

Indirect free kick, 10
In a(n) ________, the ball must be played by another person before it can score unless the ball is less than ____ yards away from the goal.

When a player commits a direct foul within her team’s own penalty area.
When is a penalty kick awarded?

from the penalty spot
Where is a penalty kick taken?

How many yards is the penalty spot away from the center of the goal?

goalie, kicker, penalty area, 10 yards
When penalty kicks are taken, all players except the ________ and the _____ must be outside of the ____ ___ and _____ ____ from the penalty spot.

Goalkeeper cannot move her ____ until the ball has been played.

The kicker cannot hit ball a ___ time until another player has played it.

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