Org Behavior

Workplace Incivility
Form of organizational deviant behavior-characterized by low-intensity behaviors that violate respectful workplace norms, appearing vague as to intent to harm.

Workplace Incivility Consequences
Individuals no longer ask for help
Errors are dismissed
Individuals do not share information with others about potential or actual problems

Research on Workplace Incivility
Likely to make more mistakes.
They will be unwilling to do extra work
Employees no longer feel psychologically safe.

Correcting Workplace Incivility
Set zero tolerance policies
Teach civility
Listen to feedback
Do not make excuses for powerful instigators
Heed warning signals
When reported, take action immdiately

Conflict involves disagreement between two or more parties because of:
incompatible goals

Conflict can be functional, or a positive force, in all of the following situations except:
when it causes individuals or groups to better understand themselves and their contribution to the organization

All of the following are negative conflict diagnostic questions except:
Is energy being diverted from goal achievement?

Which of the following is NOT a structural factor in causing conflict?
values and ethics

Two departments in a university are engaged in a conflict because one had its budget cut. This is an example of conflict based on:
common resources

At a software company there is one person for databases, one for statistical packages, and another for expert systems. The structural cause for conflict between these individuals is:

Which of the following is NOT a structural cause of conflict in organizations?
skills and abilities

You have a problem with your computer, so you call the company that made it. They inform you that the problem is caused by software, so you call the software division and they tell you it’s the hardware. This is an example of:
interdependent forms of structural conflict

Conflict that occurs between two or more organizations is considered:
interorganizational conflict

Two machine operators disagree over the cause of an equipment breakdown. This conflict is based on differences in:

Conflict that occurs between teams in an organization is referred to as:
intergroup conflict

All of the following are positive consequences of intergroup conflict except:
we versus them

A defense mechanism in which an individual continues dysfunctional behavior that will clearly not solve a conflict is known as:

Which of the following defense mechanisms takes the form of aggressive behavior directed at someone else who is not the source of the conflict?

When a person continually responds with pessimism to attempts at solving a problem, he/she is displaying:

The tendency for an individual to make up for a bad relationship at home by spending more time at the office is considered what type of defense mechanism?
Compromise mechanisms

The mechanisms used by individuals to make the best of a conflict situation are considered:
compromise mechanisms

Escape from conflict by daydreaming is known as:

In research on styles of conflict management, the _____ style was least effective.

Which of the following styles of conflict management results in both parties (persons or groups) to the dispute giving something up to reach an understanding?

When two departments are in conflict but are also facing a common threat, the _____ style of conflict management is most appropriate.

Organizational culture is most rooted in what field of study?
Cultural Anthropology

The three levels of culture identified by Edgar Schein
artifacts, values, and basic assumptions

The key to understanding culture through artifacts lies in:
figuring out what they mean

The most visible and accessible level of culture is:

A corporate president is the first employee to give blood during a corporate blood drive, this is an example of what type of artifact?
personal enactment

The employees of Stillwater Designs know that if monthly sales are higher than sales in the same month of the previous year that Steve Irby (founder and CEO) will hold a cookout for the employees the following Friday. This would be a result of the CEO’s use of what level of culture?
Personal Enactment, Artifacts

Which of the following would NOT provide an indication of an organization’s culture?
employee dress code

The president of your college or university awards scholarships at a banquet to high-achieving students, this is an example of what type of artifact?
a ceremony

An early fall semester convocation on your campus can be considered a:
rite of integration

When Southwestern Bell emphasizes the importance of management training by kicking off classes using a high-ranking executive and has a graduation ceremony when classes are completed, they have utilized:
a rite of renewal and a rite of passage

An example of a rite of enhancement is a/an:
employee of the month award

Everyday organizational practices that are repeated over and over defines:
a ritual

A corporate logo is:
a symbol

Which of the following stories are examples of the reinforcement of organizational values?
Stories about whether lower level employees as reflected by the CEO from QuikTrip rise to the top.

Stories about how a company deals with crisis as reflected by AIG’s payout of millions in bonuses to the unit that led to the need for the government bailout.

Stories about how status considerations work when rules are broken as reflected by the CEO (Tom Watson) of IBM being confronted by a security guard because he was not wearing an ID badge.

Be fair, empathetic, and responsive in serving our clients”, a statement from the core organizational purpose statement of Charles Schwab Corporation is a/an:
espoused value

A company’s espoused values can be found in all of the following except:
monthly financial statements

Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding values?
Values are the last and deepest level of culture.

Values reflected in the way individuals actually behave are called:
Enacted Values

Assumptions are:
deeply held beliefs that guide behavior of organized members

According to Edgar Schein, the essence of culture is:

Which of the following is NOT a perspective that helps you understand the effects of culture?
the social creation perspective

The strong culture perspective states that organizations with strong cultures:
perform better than other organizations

Strong cultures are thought to facilitate performance for three reasons. Which of the following is NOT one of those reasons?
higher job satisfaction

Strong cultures facilitate performance in all of the following ways except:
insulating employees and focusing their attention away from the organization’s environment

The fit perspective is useful in explaining:
short-term performance

The fit perspective of culture argues that:
a culture is “good” only if it fits the industry’s or the firm’s strategy

An adaptive organizational culture is one that:
encourages confidence and risk taking among employees

What perspective of culture would be best for a company that wants to compete globally?
the adaptation perspective

According to Edgar Schein, leaders play crucial roles in shaping and reinforcing culture. Which of the following is NOT one of the elements considered important to a leader’s management of culture?
how leaders develop strategy

The process by which newcomers are transformed from outsiders to effective, participating members of the organization refers to:
organizational socialization

Anticipatory socialization takes place through:
realistic job previews

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