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The Parks Library
Parks library, which is located on the north area of the campus, is the building that has the most students who come and go day after day. It is because that not only the library has the most equipments and the most comfortable atmosphere for students to learn, but also it is the information center, the union of intelligence. Actually, I do look the library as a catalogue of everything on campus.
The Parks Library was started to build in 1923 and finished in 1925. But the university was founded in 1858, so where did they keep all the materials during the nearly 70 years? They’ve been stored in three different places: the Old Main from 1868 to 1891, the Morrill Hall from 1891 to 1914 and in Beardshear Hall from 1914 to 1925. The building had been added three times, in 1960 to 1961, in 1967 to 1969, in 1980. “In 1911, the legislature allocated 225,000 dollars of millage tax money for a new library. However, another four years passed before positive steps were taken on this subject. The whole project hadn’t started until September 1922. Part of the building was first open for use on

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January 6th, 1925. And the process of moving the books from Central (Beardshear) continued another month. As early as 1928 the library had reached the point that more stack space was needed. The first addition to the library was designed in 1959 and construction contracts were awarded in March 1960. This construction, on the west side of the original building, was devoted largely to stack and reader space, although new stairs, an elevator and rest rooms were included as well. The most obvious feature of the addition was the new entrance on the south side of the building, making the original east entrance a secondary access, primarily for emergency exit. So, the final cost of the first addition, equipment included, was 1,172,903.51 dollars. The secondary addition was appropriated by the legislature in 1965 which was 1,800,000 dollars of funds. The following year a…

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