a calibrated glass tube with a stopcock at the bottom, used to deliver known volumes of liquid
a drying agent
a sealed chamber in which samples can be dried in the presence of a desiccant or by vacuum pumping or both
direct weighing
substance that readily picks up water from the atmosphere
indirect weighing
the curved surface of a liquid
a glass tube calibrated to deliver a fixed or variable volume of liquid
(n) the mass of an empty vessel used to receive a substance to be weighed (v) setting the balance reading to 0 when an empty vessel or weighing paper is placed on the pan
volumetric flask
flask with a tall, thin neck with a calibration mark
parallax error
the apparent displacement of an object when the observer changes position. occurs when the scale of an instrument is viewed from a position that is not perpendicular to the scale. the apparent reading is not the true reading
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