Arts and Crafts in Occupational Therapy

Neuromotor Behavior/Sensorimotor Goal:
re-education of the nervous system
Neuromotor Behavior/Sensorimotor; How is it used?
Activity stimulates new chemical and physical connections to the brain that lead to more functional neuromotor patterns
Learning/Cognitive Disabilities Goal:
to determine level of cognitive function
Learning/Cognitive Disabilities; How is it used?
Client’s performance on a craft indicates cognitive abilities of the client and indicates their capabilities.
Developmental Model Goal:
to facilitate movement to the next level of development
Developmental Model; How is it used?
Craft is used to teach skills that would be used at the next stage of development.
Rehabilitation Model Goal:
For client to learn or re-learn occupational skills
Rehabilitation Model; How is it used?
Crafts are graded to provide an opportunity for skills to be learned, re-learned, or improved.
Model of Human Occupation Goal:
Focuses on integration of mind, brain, and body
Model of Human Occupation; How is it used?
Crafts are used to explore the relationship between emotions, cognition, and physical function.
Occupational Adaptation Goal:
Focuses on client’s adaptation to change in their lives
Occupational Adaptation; How is it used?
Craft activity used for experiencing new and changing conditions
What Makes a Craft Therapeutic?
The Craft Must:
-Address treatment objectives and goals
*Activity analysis tells you this!
-Be completed in the time allotted for OT Intervention
-Have meaning to the client
-Support the client’s occupational priorities
Crafts and the OPTF-II; Areas of Occupation
*Play, *Leisure, *Work (certain skills)
Crafts and the OPTF-II; Performance Skills
*Sensory Perceptual, *Skills Motor and Praxis Skills,
*Emotional Regulation Skills, *Cognitive Skills,
*Communication and Social Skills
Crafts and the OPTF-II; Performance and Patterns
*Habits, *Roles
Crafts and the OPTF-II; Activity Demands
*Objects used and their Properties, *Space demands, *Social Demands, *Sequencing and Timing, *Required Body Functions, *Required Body Structures
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